We help footballers step up to PRO and INTERNATIONAL level using the MESSI-N Elite Footballer Training System, with visible performance improvements seen within just the first 14 days - RESULTS GUARANTEED.

As you probably already know...

...when you get invited to trial for a professional club, you will be competing against a LOT of technically gifted footballers.

Competition is fierce and every player already signed at the club has likely been there for a number of years, being coached and trained by professionals every single day.

If you want to get signed, you have to be BETTER than the players already at club who are playing in your position. Otherwise, why would they sign you?

When I was 9, I was one of only TWO players out of a pool of 150 scouted trialists, to be signed on by the Wycombe Wanderers FC Centre of Excellence. I was there until the age of 18 and saw many players come and go in that time.

And during my England U18 International Youth Team Trials (where current Roma and ex-Manchester Utd and England defender Chris Smalling and I were the chosen centre-back duo for the final trial squad of 24 players) there were initially over 100 selected players from all over the country competing for just 21 international squad places.

Even at semi-pro level football, the technical ability of the players is at a very high standard. The teams are often made up of players who have been released by professional clubs for the narrowest of reasons.

Trust me when I say...

Your technical ball skills are NOT what's going to set you apart from everyone else...

To stand ANY chance of success, it's vitally important that you are COMMITTED to developing every part of your game - especially your personal strength, your speed, your stamina, your mindset, your diet, your sleep habits, and more.

You must be more committed to achieving your goals than everyone else you are competing against, otherwise, you might as well just give up now. Because if you're not willing to give 100% effort... you can be certain that other more committed players will be picked instead of you.

As recently as 2016, I was playing alongside a player who, at the age of 19, had NEVER stepped foot inside a professional club - his name was Lyndon Dykes.

Lyndon is now leading the line of English Championship side QPR and a Scotland international who represented his country at Euro 2020.

Similarly, before the age of 18 Chris Smalling had never been at a pro club. 4 years later he was captaining Manchester United and starting for England at the World Cup.

These are not the only two players I have personally witnessed make meteoric rises to top flight football, and they were far from being the most technically talented players I have played alongside (who are no longer in the game).

But they both excelled in the 6 key areas outlined below, which are the foundation our elite footballer training system...



You can be the most athletic, technically gifted player on the planet, but if you consistently make poor decisions in the moment and struggle psychologically to deal with pressure, you will never reach an elite level.



Being able to complete a 20k run with your eyes closed provides little to no indication of how well you'll perform on the football pitch, yet so many players rely on pounding the pavements in an effort to get fitter for the football pitch, there is a much SMARTER way to get football fit (which not only gets you "match fit" but also increases your injury resilience).



If you believe that you will never be fast enough to compete, let me tell you... you're wrong. As long as you commit to a training routine designed specifically to increase your speed, you will become a lot faster, sharper and your top speed will increase. Science doesn't care if you THINK you're slow.



Strength training is perhaps the most important aspect of your training, because it underpins and supports everything else you do. Doing the right kind of strength training will ACCELERATE your progress in all other areas of your professional development. Get this right and the gains from ALL parts of your training will multiply...



You work so hard to get yourself into peak physical fitness, so you can play football at an elite level and become a professional player. You know that other players are looking for any opportunity to steal your position. Don't you think that it's in your best interests to insure yourself against losing everything due to an injury that could have been prevented?

There is specific training that you can do to dramatically decrease your risk of suffering common football injuries. Don't become just another promising player who failed to make it to the top flight because of injury.



Professional elite footballers take nutrition incredibly seriously, and for good reason. They understand that the food and drink they consume has the power to give themselves a real edge over their competition, both in terms of enhanced recovery, adaptations from their training efforts and ultimately their performance on match day.

Your nutrition effects all other areas of your training, you will stay where you are unless you get this dialled in.

James Donnelly | Founder & Head Coach

I'm incredibly passionate about helping players like you to be fully prepared for life as a professional footballer - so you can potentially play in the Champions League and represent your country in the World Cup.


It's because my promising professional football career came to a grinding halt after I suffered a hip injury that threatened to leave me in a wheelchair.

This injury could have been avoided in the first place if someone had taught me the RIGHT WAY to condition my body so it was capable of withstanding the wear and tear that all pro footballers face. My earth-shattering injury led me down a different path, and my sports science journey began.

I studied BSc Sports Science BSc at university before going on to specialise in football specific strength & conditioning, eventually earning a Masters in Football Strength & Conditioning from the Football Science Institute.

As part of this I remain within a specialist network of football conditioning coaches and am directly mentored by Sports Scientists and Nutritionists working at some of the worlds biggest clubs - including Real Madrid, Barcelona and PSG.

When I began my Sports Science Degree in 2008, I applied for a sports scholarship from the university. Fortunately, my application was accepted and I was given a personal strength and conditioning coach for 2 years. That scholarship alone was worth around £20,000 per year, something I couldn't have afforded back then.

Working with that coach, despite my injury, I couldn’t believe how much stronger and faster I was getting just from the strength training - I didn’t appreciate that sort of thing was possible.

That's when I first got really interested in the strength & conditioning side of things, because I was starting to notice how it was helping me, and how much I had been missing out on.

It made me think “if only I’d been doing this for the last 10 years...” , and it made me think about how much it could help other players as well.

I started applying what I was learning to my training in the gym, and realised it was just a process of testing things out and making tweaks over long periods of time. And thanks to my discoveries, instead of ending up in a wheelchair like the doctors warned, I achieved the "impossible".

Within just 18 months of that "career-ending" injury, I found myself playing against first team professionals again - as captain - against the Australian A-League champions, the Brisbane Roar.

They were the best team in the country, full time professionals with Australian national squad players playing for them. Yes, it’s not Barcelona or anything...

...Yet there I was, standing in the centre circle before the match, shaking the hand of an international professional footballer.

From where I had been with my injury, I might have well been standing there shaking the hand of Lionel Messi. If only I'd have known what I know now about how to mentally and physically prepare for life as a top flight footballer, I could have been a household name.

Since then, I've devoted my life to help players like YOU to avoid the pitfalls that stopped my career, so you can achieve the dreams that were prematurely snatched from my grasp.

The FOOTBALL SPECIFIC scientific processes I created allowed me - someone who the doctors had written off as being a cripple - to recover and play at level of football most people only dream about.

So imagine how effective my most cutting-edge training methods could be for someone like YOU, someone with your entire career still ahead of you.

You can do it... and my team and I can help you get there.

When you incorporate the MESSI-N Elite Footballer Training System:

🏆You'll become a far more dynamic player...

Meaning more people will notice your ability during training, trials and matches, making it easier for you to progress to the next level.

🏆 You will suffer LESS injuries, and recover from niggling injuries much FASTER...

So you can stay in peak physical fitness for longer spells, allowing you to hold down your first team spot for an entire season.

🏆 You'll feel the extra energy coursing through you in the last crucial 15 minutes of a game...

Allowing you to lead by example and single handedly inspire your team to victory in tight games that might have otherwise ended in a draw or defeat.

🏆 You'll be faster, stronger, fitter and have more stamina than other players...

Meaning you will win more tackles, win more aerial battles and outlast even the best opponents.

🏆 Your confidence levels will soar through the roof...

Meaning your mind will be clear so you have the freedom and clarity to perform at your very best in every situation, even during high pressure trials and important matches.

🏆 You'll perform at a higher level than you do currently - for a full 90 minutes...

Making it less likely you will be subbed to the bench and making it harder for other players to steal your position away from you.

🏆 Your reaction times will be a lot faster and sharper...

Meaning you hardly ever get caught on the ball, with the ability to pick out the right pass, even when you're under heavy pressure.

🏆 Your recovery time will be shorter...

So you can get back to meaningful training faster than your team mates who don't take their personal development as serious as you do.

In general, you'll be a more explosive, dynamic and powerful player that commands respect from players, coaches and fans alike...

But don't just take my word for it!

Hear from real players just like YOU who have taken their game to new heights since implementing the MESSI-N Elite Footballer Training System...

"I'm having my best season for 10 years atleast!"

"There's a big difference between just doing something, and doing the RIGHT thing..."

"I'm in the 2nd week and I've already started seeing great improvements..."

"At training on Monday he was a totally different player..."

"Technically I'm a good player but the fitness side has ALWAYS held me back..."

"When you feel confident it effects every single part of your game!"

"I'm finally pain-free for the first time in 2 years almost!"

"You will see results, that's without a doubt. It's the best programme out there."

Harry Baker

"Physically I was quite small, and wasn’t very quick, powerful or strong. I now have access to top football fitness, nutrition and psychology coaching. It isn’t just general training, it's very specific and all aspects have a direct relevance to match specific movements and events. I'm a lot quicker over both 5 and 30 yards, a lot more powerful and a lot stronger in both my upper and lower body.

If like me you’re at a professional club lower down the football pyramid like league 2, definitely invest as individual work can be the difference between being good at that level and being the best."

Who is this for?

This IS For Player Who...

Are hungry to play at the highest level and believe they are technically good enough.

Are already playing at a good level and want to gain an edge to rise to the top of the group.

Are open to new ideas, ways of thinking and training methods.

Are self-motivated and are ready to take action.

Have previously done some strength based training (even if only using bodyweight) and enjoy it.

Know that improving one or more of the elements of the MESSI-N formula could be the difference between them staying where they are, and progressing to a higher level of football.

Want to be able to do themselves justice at trials and infront of coaches and scouts.

Want access to pro level training now so that they can more easily make the step up and shine when their opportunity comes.

Want to know exactly what to train each week to move closer to their goals and be kept accountable by a personal coach.

Have access to a local gym or home gym with standard gym equipment.

This IS NOT For Players Who...

Are not aiming to be a pro or international level footballer.

Are not willing to work hard for their dream.

Look for excuses instead of solutions.

Don't take responsibility for their own success.

Are expecting overnight results.

Flake or get lazy when it comes to putting in the work.

Talk the talk but don't walk the walk.

Are being persuaded to train by their parents rather than wanting to do it themselves.

Are complete beginners who have never done any type of bodyweight strength based training before.

Are mainly being held back right now by a lack of technical ability.

Here's how it works...

You'll follow a day by day programme, designed to develop every area of your football athleticism in the most efficient way possible, utilising expertly designed training blocks to deliver jaw-dropping improvements in your performance.

The MESSI-N Elite Footballer Training System is tailored specifically to you to ensure maximum results, whilst also mastering your mental game and nutrition to ensure you're ready to excel against the very best.

The programme is run fully online (I explain why this is the most effective way in the video down below) and my team and I will be working 1-1 with you on a daily basis inside the training app.

We can train players from all over the world.

Watch the 2 videos below to learn more about our science-backed training process and take a look inside the programme.


Full Body Analysis With Your Personal Coach

...to identify specific areas for immediate improvement and correct injury risk factors.


Career Breakdown

...to establish your short, medium and long term goals and devise a clear, step by step plan towards them.


Fully Personalised Training Plan

...with 1-1 accountability & mentorship (plus all-new exercises & routines!)


Exactly What To Eat

...on training, match and non-training days.


Master Your Mental Game

With a step by step two-part mental mastery plan.


Boost Injury Resilience

...and overcome niggling, repetitive injuries once and for all.


Be Physically, Mentally & Technically Ready

...to excel in pro trials and against even the most athletic, gifted players.

What are your options?

First team pro's get access to specialist trainers on a daily basis, their clubs obviously employ these coaches and in turn cover the cost.

If you realistically expect to compete at an elite level, you need to work on all six areas of MESSI-N during your own time, otherwise you simply won't be able to keep up with everyone else when your opportunity comes (and if you're good enough, it will).

Do you know specialist coaches in football S&C, nutrition & psychology who could train you in person on a daily basis at exactly the right time for each session? Probably not.

And even if you did, the monthly bill is going to come to a hefty, hefty amount. Certainly not sustainable for most people.

But if you don't take action, you know the gap is going to continue to widen. So what are your other options?

1. Educate Yourself And Become A Football S&C, Nutrition & Psychology Expert

This is going to take years of study (10 as an absolute minimum) and tens of thousands of £££ in tuition fees. If you're serious about becoming a top pro, you probably don't have this amount of time on your side to get things sorted.

2. Go For The Free Option

Watch hundreds of hours of YouTube videos and try and piece something together yourself. From experience, this is the #1 cause of players wasting months if not years going around in circles. Free information is free for a reason, and studying takes years for a reason - because it's not straight forward.

It would be like watching YouTube videos about open heart surgery and then expecting to be able to do it yourself. The devil is in the details, which take years to study and are rarely covered in free information.

Whilst I'm on this topic, there is no single exercise or magic workout routine which can suddenly transform your game and set you up for lasting success. Career-changing results come from sticking to a well structured PROGRAMME consistently.

Players waste so much time and energy hopping from one plan to another looking for the magic workout, it doesn't exist. Try to be savvy to clickbait headlines such as the "Gareth Bale" or "Ronaldo" workout. They are a marketing gimmick and will lead you down the wrong road.

Remember that results don't just come from individual workouts, Bale and Ronaldo have never heard of these workouts, and even if they did do them it doesn't mean it's appropriate for you.

The magic happens when you work with a coach you trust and stick to a well structured plan consistenly month after month, just like the pro's do. Success leaves clues.

3. Train With Local Specialist Coaches 1-2 x Per Week

This is a good starting point, but you'll have to do the sessions when the trainer has a slot in their availability which is fine when it comes to technical training, but isn't ideal when it comes to strength and conditioning, especially during the season.

Certain sessions need to be done at specific moments during the week for the best effect (and to not be detrimental to team training and match day performances). Also, unless they're a specialist in football S&C, it's likely that there's still room for more specificity in the training for a better transfer over to on-pitch performance.

It's also common for a player's schedule to change week to week during the season, depending on cup matches, playing for multiple teams and rearranged team commitments. This often results in sessions having to be missed which could lead to the player not doing any S&C training for a week or more on a regular basis.

The most important thing when it comes to getting results from S&C training is adherence and consistency. Stopping and starting is unlikely to generate lasting and career-changing athletic development.

4. Train Online With A Company Like Ours - Matchfit Football.

This way you can:

  • Get access to pro level and specialised training on a daily basis (like the pro's), which is tailored to your needs and your goals.
  • Do each session at precisely the right moment each week for maximum effect and benefit.
  • Be guided 1-1, 24/7 through the messenger of our specialist private training app.
  • Easily have your training adapted around your changing team commitments and schedule week to week.
  • Be kept accountable to your training every day by your assigned personal mentor.
  • Digitally track every single session and see your progress data represented visually over time.
  • Learn cutting edge training strategies and methods which you can take with you and utilise for the rest of your career.
  • Remove all of the stress and guesswork of trying to figure it out by yourself.
  • Save the time and expense of having to travel to sessions.
  • Only need to invest a tiny fraction of the amount it would normally cost you to get the same level of training and support from in-person sessions.
  • Have access to a team of coaches who each specialise in football S&C, nutrition and psychology.

How much easier would it be to secure a contract with a PRO club if you had a PROVEN step by step method to follow which prepared your mind & body to excel at that level?

Mario Götze

World Cup winning goalscorer Mario Götze personally said this about the MESSI-N Elite Footballer Training System:

"I like the way you think about football and how you combine everything, because in football you need everything. The insights in your content and training are great."

Mario Götze.

The world's top players understand that it's almost impossible to succeed alone.

They surround themselves with support so that they can progress faster and stay in their zone of genius - performing to the best of their ability on the football pitch.

99% of players will never turn pro.

If you want to be in the 1% who do...how likely is it that you will succeed by doing the same things that the 99% are doing?

If you want different results, you need to do operate at a higher level.

Take the next step and book your FREE no obligation career analysis call before we close the doors for our current player intake.

On the call we'll identify your current struggles and discuss what you're aiming to achieve. If we feel we can help you, we will offer you a place on the programme and outline the enrollment options to get started.

What's The Price?

We have a few options based on level, budget and needs. That being said, all of our options are a fraction of what you'd pay for the same level of training and support in-person. On the call we will gain a better understanding of your requirements and then provide you with a no obligation quote!


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