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When You Train With Matchfit Football, We Guarantee You'll Become Fitter, Faster, Stronger & More Confident Than Ever Before - Or We'll Continue Training You Like A Pro For FREE Until You Are - All Backed Up By Tracked Training Data

Meet Your Coach

Hey! I'm James, I live in Buckinghamshire, England, with my fiance Charlotte and our two little boys Leo and Joshua. 

I studied BSc Sports Science at University before going on to specialise in football strength & conditioning and earning a Masters in Football Strength & Conditioning from the Football Science Institute. 

As part of this I remain within a specialist network of football conditioning coaches and am mentored directly by sports scientists and nutritionists working at some of the worlds biggest clubs - including Real Madrid, Barcelona and PSG.

As a player, I spent 9 years at English professional club Wycombe Wanderers and represented England Schoolboys before suffering a "career ending" labral tear hip injury at age 19.

However I made a miraculous return to semi-professional football at the age of 24, thanks to a programme which I designed using new-found knowledge from my studies (and blankly refusing to give up my dream).

I spent almost 5 years training by myself, studying and experimenting with different training strategies until I finally cracked the code. 

In the space of 12 months I went from unable to jog for 5 minutes to playing 5 times per week, completely pain free, and getting paid for it.

I'm here to tell you that if you want something badly enough and have the right plan and mindset, then anything is possible.

I created Matchfit as through my own experiences I realised how important it was to teach players from an early age about the critical role that strength and conditioning, nutrition and mindset has in enabling elite performance to become possible (and maintained for an entire career). 

To date my team and I have helped over 40,000 players from all over the world become standout players in their team, overcome injury issues once and for all and in some cases even step up to international level.

You'll be guided by me in every exercise of your programme and my experienced team and I will also be checking in with you on a daily basis.

Here's How It Works

You'll follow a day by day programme, designed to develop every area of your football athleticism in the most efficient way possible, utilising expertly designed training blocks to deliver jaw-dropping improvements in your performance.

My game-changing training system is tailored specifically to you to ensure maximum results, whilst also mastering your mental game and nutrition to ensure you're ready to excel against the very best.

The programme is run fully online (I explain why this is the most effective way in the video down below) and my team and I will be working 1-1 with you on a daily basis inside the training app.

We can train players from all over the world.

Watch the video below to see the process that we'll be guiding you through on your journey to your best ever season...

You Could Be Just A Few Small Tweaks Away From Unlocking The Form Of Your Life & Catching The Eye Of Every Watching Scout

  • FULL BODY ANALYSIS to identify specific areas for immediate improvement & correct injury risk factors.

  • CAREER BREAKDOWN to establish your short, medium and long term goals and devise a clear, step by step plan towards them.

  • FULLY PERSONALISED TRAINING PLAN with 1-1 accountability & mentorship (plus all-new exercises & routines!)

  • EXACTLY WHAT TO EAT on training, match and non-training days.

  • ​Step by step plan to MASTER YOUR MENTAL GAME.

  • BOOST INJURY RESILIENCE and overcome niggling, repetitive injuries once and for all.

  • BE PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY & TECHNICALLY READY to excel in pro trials and against even the most athletic, gifted players.

Player Feedback & Results

Harry Baker

"Physically I was quite small, and wasn’t very quick, powerful or strong. I now have access to top football fitness, nutrition and psychology coaching. It isn’t just general training, it's very specific and all aspects have a direct relevance to match specific movements and events. I'm a lot quicker over both 5 and 30 yards, a lot more powerful and a lot stronger in both my upper and lower body.

If like me you’re at a professional club lower down the football pyramid like league 2, definitely invest as individual work can be the difference between being good at that level and being the best."

This IS NOT For Players Who...

❌ Are not aiming to be a pro or international level footballer

❌ Are not willing to work hard for their dream

❌ Look for excuses instead of solutions

❌ Don't take responsibility for their own success

❌ Are expecting overnight results

❌ Flake or get lazy when it comes to putting in the work

❌ Talk the talk but don't walk the walk

❌ Are being persuaded to train by their parents rather than wanting to do it themselves

❌ Complete beginners who have never done any type of bodyweight strength based training before

❌ Are mainly being held back by a lack of technical ability

This IS For Players Who...

✅ Are hungry to play at the highest level and believe they are technically good enough

✅ Are already playing at a good level and want to gain an edge to rise to the top of the group

✅ Are open to new ideas, ways of thinking and training methods

✅ Are motivated and are ready to take action now

✅ Have previously done some strength based training (even if only using bodyweight) and enjoy it

✅ Know that improving one or more of their: stamina, speed, strength, mindset and injury resilience could be the difference between them staying where they are and stepping up to the next level

✅ Want to be able to do themselves justice at trials and infront of coaches and scouts

✅ Want access to pro level training now so that they can more easily make the step up and shine when their opportunity comes about

✅ Want to know exactly what to train each week to move closer to their goals and be kept accountable by a personal coach

✅ Have access to a local gym or home gym with standard gym equipment

✅ Understand that time is of the essence, they will waste more time and opportunities trying to figure this out by themselves for free from Youtube and Instagram videos (they're free for a reason), and are ready to invest in the solution to their struggles and be guided by qualified professionals to get results faster


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What's The Price?

We have a few options based on level, budget and needs. That being said, all of our options are a fraction of what you'd pay for the same level of training and support in-person. On the call we will gain a better understanding of your requirements and then provide you with a quote.

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